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Antique 19th Century French Empire Gilt Bronze Figural Mantel Clock - Working

Antique 19th Century French Empire Gilt Bronze Figural Mantel Clock - Working

Rectangular case with wide band of Ormolu Acanthus Detailed Trim.
8 day movement, half and full hour striking on bell
Clock Face with Roman Chapters is surmounted by Classical Allegorical Female Figure.

It has its Original Patina. Key Included.

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Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Clocks

In 1928 a Neuchatel engineer called Jean-Leon Reutter built a clock driven quite literally by air. But it took the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop a few more years to convert this idea into a technical form that could be patented. And to perfect it to such a degree that the Atmos practically achieved perpetual motion. In 1936 production of the Atmos began.

The technical principle is a beguiling one: inside a hermetically sealed capsule is a mixture of gas and liquid (ethyl chloride) which expands as the temperature rises and contracts as it falls, making the capsule move like a concertina. This motion constantly winds the mainspring, a variation in temperature of only one degree in the range between 15 and 30 degrees centigrade being sufficient for two days' operation.

To convert this small amount of energy into motion, everything inside the Atmos naturally has to work as smoothly and quietly as possible. The balance, for example, executes only two torsional oscillations per minute, which is 150 times slower that the pendulum in a conventional clock. So it's not surprising that 60 million Atmos clocks together consume no more energy that one 15-watt light bulb.

All its other parts, too, are not only of the highest precision, but also practically wear-free. An Atmos can therefore expect to enjoy a service life of a good 600 years.

Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Clock Vintage Late 1950s Early 1960's


Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Clock

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Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Clock Vintage Early 1970's

Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Clock
Going by its serial number, this is a vintage early 1970's.

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Hand Signed Typed Letter on White House Stationary, dated January 2, 1946
This letter was sent by Harry Truman on White House letterhead to his old friend Carl H. Claudy, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Organization
and one of America's Most Noteworthy Masonic Authors. President Truman was one of many U.S. Presidents that were members of the Masonic Order.
In the letter, President Truman thanks Mr. Claudy for his Christmas Gift.

Professionally and Tastefully Framed behind glass in a gold-colored frame with one of the most known photos of Truman,
taken by the Pach Bros. Photographers in NYC, who have photographed some of the most noted persons since 1867.


Palastina In Bild Und Wort. Fine Edition 2 Volume Set. 1883

Palastina In Bild Und Wort. Fine Edition 2 Volume Set. 1883.

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Brockhaus' Konversations = Lexikon


Brockhaus' Konversations = Lexikon
Antique Leather Bound Set - Published in 1893
17 volume (complete set) "Fine Edition".

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Antique Guilloche Enamel Dresser / Vanity Set



Antique Guilloche Enamel Dresser / Vanity Set

Price:  -SOLD

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